Sunday, April 3, 2011

2011 bmw x3 interior

2011 bmw x3 interior 
 The second generation 2011 BMW X3 (F25) is being tested out in the open and there are a number of spy pictures all over the world wide web. Here is a picture of the 2011 BMW X3's uncovered interiors.
The new interiors look typically BMW and are a huge improvement over the old X3. The switch-gear, vents, gear stick and the i-Drive controls are all sourced from the new 5-series� and the X5's parts bin.
The instrument panel is straight out of the new 5-series.
The steering wheel on the test car was from the old X3 but the real car would get a new steering wheel with paddle shifts. The two cup holders looked out of place in an otherwise opulent cabin.
The new BMW X3 would borrow a lot of styling cues from its bigger stable mate, the X5. The 1st generation X3 sold well but now with very capable competitors like the Audi Q5, the Mercedes GLK and the Volvo XC60, BMW�s crossover SUV looks outdated and boring.
With the new X3, BMW would be looking to take the segment by storm and re-gain its position as the segment leader.

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