Friday, April 30, 2010

Junta homocin�tica voc� sabe o que �?

Voc� pode n�o saber mais esta pe�a de nome estranho � uma das maiores respons�veis por fazer seu carro andar.
A junta homocin�tica serve exatamente para transmitir a for�a do sistema de transmiss�o, para as rodas e ao mesmo tempo, permitir que as rodas girem mesmo quando voc� moda de dire��o ou passa por buracos.

As juntas homocin�ticas atuais t�m longa durabilidade, em geral 40 ou 50 mil quil�metros, mas necessitam de alguns cuidados especiais, quando for a um mec�nico ou mesmo em um posto de gasolina, � sempre bom dar uma olhada como est�o as suas coifas (prote��o de borracha sanfonada ligada as rodas), Ela protege a junta homocin�tica de poeira, chuva e lama. Se a coifa tiver algum problema graxa existente nela perde-se em seu lugar se depositam subst�ncias abrasivas, reduzindo a durabilidade do conjunto em alguns milhares de quil�metros e obrigando a troca da pe�a toda.

Como perceber que existe problema no sistema de tra��o homocin�tica
Os problemas na homocin�tica podem ser percebido pelo motorista, tanto com o carro em movimento como em manobras. No primeiro caso, surge um barulho de atrito met�lico caracter�stico, enquanto no segundo ocorrem estalos. Em ambos os casos, � sinal de que o conjunto est� com excesso de folga, e a solu��o � troc�-lo por um novo.

Existem homocin�ticas recondicionadas, que apesar de serem baratas, podem travar provocando s�rios acidentes. Existe um processo de recupera��o de homocin�ticas (remanufaturada) que s� � v�lido se for feito pelo pr�prio fabricante, que pouco aproveita da junta usada e, pode assim colocar no mercado uma pe�a com pre�o 30% menor e com a garantia da f�brica.

Uma solu��o de emerg�ncia, caso se possa intervir logo no primeiro sinal de desgaste, � desmontar a coifa, remover a junta homocin�tica, limp�-la e trocar a graxa (al�m de trocar a pr�pria coifa, se estiver estragada). Procure um mec�nico de sua confian�a, pois sua troca requer ferramentas apropriadas e em geral o custo de sua manuten��o n�o � alto.


Ford edi��o S1600 do Fiesta

A Ford anuncou o lan�amento de uma nova edi��o especial do Fiesta, que foi denominada S1600, por�m ela ser� exclusiva para o mercado brit�nico.

A produ��o ser� limitada em 650 unidades, e possuir� vers�o diesel 1.6 TDCi de 90cv e tamb�m vers�o a gasolina 1.6 Ti-VCT de 120cv. E vem com faixas na carroceria p�ra-choques esportivos e rodas de 16 polegadas e 17 polegadas quando tiver motor dieseu.

Futuramente ser� disponibilizado um kit de pot�ncia desenvolvido pela empresa Mountune, a mesma que desenvolveu o kit de pot�ncia para o novo Focus RS.

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger, 1968

There have been a number of vehicles bearing the Charger nameplate, but the name has generally denoted a performance model in the Dodge range. The 1966 to 1974 Chargers were the high performance B-body models. The 1975 to 1978 Chargers were based on the Chrysler Cordoba.

It was clear after the sales drop of the 1967 Charger that a restyle was in order. Dodge was going to restyle their entire B-body lineup for 1968 and decided that it was time to separate the Coronet and Charger models even further. What designer Richard Sias came up with was a double-diamond design that would later be referred to as "coke-bottle" styling. From the side profile the curves around the front fenders and rear quarter panels look almost like a Coke bottle. On the roof a "flying buttress" was added to give the rear window area a look similar to that of the 1966 Pontiac GTO. The Charger retained its full-length hidden headlight grille, but the fully rotating electric headlights had been replaced by a simple vacuum operated cover, similar to the Camaro RS. The full length taillights were gone as well. Instead, dual Corvette-inspired taillights were added. Dual scallops were added to the doors and hood to help accent the new swoopy lines. Inside, the interior shared almost nothing with its first generation brothers. The four bucket seats were gone, the console remained the same as the '67. The tachometer was now optional instead of standard, the trunk and grille medallions were gone, the carpeting in the trunk area was gone, replaced by a vinyl mat, the rear seats did not fold forward and the space-age looking electroluminescent gauges disappeared in favor of a more conventional looking design.

In order to further boost the Charger's muscle car image, a new high-performance package was added, the R/T. This stood for "Road and Track" and would be the high performance badge that would establish Dodge's performance image. Only the high performance cars were allowed to use the R/T badge. The R/T came standard with the previous year's 440 "Magnum". The Slant Six was added to the option list in 1968, but it proved to be a very poor seller. Most people wanted a V8 in their Charger. The rest of the engine lineup (318-2, 383-2, 383-4, 426-8) remained unchanged.

In 1968 Chrysler Corporation unveiled a new ad campaign featuring a Bee with an engine on its back. These cars were called the "Scat Pack". The Coronet R/T, Super Bee, Dart GTS and Charger R/T received bumble-bee stripes (two thin stripes framing two thick stripes). The stripes were standard on the R/Ts and came in red, white or black. They also could be deleted at no cost. These changes and the new Charger bodystyle proved to be very popular with the public and helped to sell 96,100 Chargers, including over 17,000 Charger R/Ts.

A famous Charger was the four-speed, triple-black 1968 Charger R/T used in the movie Bullitt. The chase scene between Steve McQueen's fastback Mustang GT and the hitmen's Charger R/T is popularly regarded as one of the greatest car chase scenes ever filmed.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

2011 Hyundai Accent/Verna

Hyundai has got all its bases covered as far as its new range of saloon/sedans for 2011 model year is concerned - from the entry-level B-segment Verna/Accent right up to the D-segment Sonata. With of course, the newly unveiled C-segment Elantra/Avante being the most balanced of the lot - at least aesthetically and proportion wise. Boasting Hyundai's latest "fluidic design", the Accent is very much akin to a junior Sonata.

The 2011 Accent/Verna measures 4,340mm in length, 1,700mm in width, 1,460mm in height, and has a relatively generous wheelbase of 2,570mm - for a B-segment budget sedan.

The base Verna/Accent will beat with a 1.4-litre 4-pot capable of 106 hp and 135 Nm of torque - with the choice of a five-speed manual gearbox or four-speed automatic.
However, the larger displacement 1.6-litre that pushes out 121 hp and 155Nm of peak torque will be paired only with a four-speed automatic transmission.

Audi A5 Sportback no Brasil

A Audi do Brasil apresentou o A5 Sportback, modelo que representa o segmento cup� 4 portas da marca. O A5 Sportback tem o entre-eixos de 2,81 metros dando bastante espa�o para os ocupantes.

O A5 Sportback vem equipado como freios com sistema anti-travamento (ABS), ar-condicionado digital, quatro airbags, controle de estabilidade (ESP), transmiss�o autom�tica seq�encial Multitronic de oito velocidades, rodas de liga leve de 18 polegadas e sistema de freios regenerativos(sistema que armazenam a energia das frenagens e alimentar os sistemas eletr�nicos como os da F1).

Ele vem com o motor 2.0 TFSI turbocomprimido com inje��o direta de combust�vel e tem potencia de 214 cv o levando de 0 a 100 km/h em 7,4 segundos chegando a m�xima de 235 km/h.

BMW does a CLS: gorgeous Concept Grand Coupe!

Not ever since the 'iconic' E34 5-series - at least in my books - and the slim and sleek E38 7-series that I have been this moved by an all-new BMW saloon or lately-fashionable 4-door coupe for that matter.

Watch out 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche Panamera...could this be a revival of the 8-series nameplate from the boys over at Munich camp?

All-New 2011 Hyundai Elantra/Avante

A pictures tells a thousand stories, so they say. Judge for yourself how handsome Hyundai's latest "fluidic design" is and you'd be awed by how far this Korean automaker has come of age.

To be sold by Q2 in South Korea and perhaps up to six months later in other markets, the all-new Avante/Elantra will be sporting a 6-speed auto transmission mediating power to the front wheels - from a 1.6-litre (Gamma) GDI engine capable of 140 hp and 166 Nm - while claiming to be 10 percent more fuel efficient than its immediate predecessor.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Audi 100

Audi 100, 1979

The C2 Audi 100 was launched in 1976, with crisper styling and an unusual five-cylinder engine (the first gasoline 5 in the world - Mercedes-Benz had shown the way in 1974 with their three litre Diesel 5cyl in the Mercedes-Benz C111). It was initially a 100 bhp (74 kW) engine offering "5 cylinder power and 4 cylinder economy", and later upgraded to 136 bhp (100 kW).

The Coup� was discontinued, but a five-door hatchback model, the 100 Avant, was launched as part of this generation. Two- and four-door models continued.

The 100 was sold as the Audi 5000 in the United States, in order to rebrand the car and avoid association with the C1. It was a sales success, allowing Audi to spread development costs over a much wider base than Europe-only competitors.

In 1980, the Audi 200, a plusher variant that included a turbocharged model of 170 bhp, available in 200 5E or 200 5T spec for the UK. The 5T or turbocharged model in addition of the 5E model featured heated seats, opening front quarter windows, cruise control, ski bag, green heat insulated glass, electric sunroof and elec heated mirrors.
Standard in 3 speed auto. The only options listed in the brochure were 5 speed manual transmission at no extra cost, air con and leather seating. The car was marketed in the US as the 5000 Turbo. The Audi 100/200 was succeeded by the C3 platform model in 1983, and the 200 followed one year later.

Peugeot Hoggar a partir de R$ 31 400

A Peugeot lan�a ainda esta semana a picape Hoggar baseada na fam�lia 207. Ela vir� em tr�s vers�es a X-Line, XR e Escapade. A X-Line, XR ven com motor 1.4 8V e Escapade utiliza o motor 1.6 16V.

A X-Line traz de s�rie para-choque dianteiro pintado na cor, rodas de a�o de 14 polegadas, chave de igni��o codificada, lanterna de neblina e indicador de manuten��o, regulagem de altura do banco do motorista e da coluna de dire��o, para-sol com espelho de cortesia para motorista e acompanhante, aviso sonoro de esquecimento da chave no contato, de luzes acesas e do tanque de combust�vel na reserva e prepara��o para som.

Na XR al�m dos itens da X-line vem ainda com far�is dianteiros com m�scara negra, barras longitudinais no teto da cabine que suportam 70 kg de apoio.

J� na Top de linha a Escapade al�m do motor 1.6 Flex ela traz um visual mais esportivo, rodas em liga leve de 15 polegadas, ar-condicionado, vidros el�tricos com comando seq�encial para o motorista, bancos dianteiros esportivos, que apresentam uma nova padronagem de tecido e retrovisor externo com regulagem interna el�trica, dois alto-falantes nas portas dianteiras, travamento autom�tico das portas em velocidade e travas el�tricas nas portas com telecomando.

Os pre�os da X-Line partem de R$ 31.400, da XR de R$ 35.350 e a Escapade parte de R$ 43.500.


2010 Vauxhall Meriva

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