Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Honda Jazz

2011 Honda Jazz
After seeing the development of 2011 for honda car , Honda car maker company has unveiled new Honda Jazz for 2011, after Over 500,000 customers have felt the benefits of the innovative sector crossing Honda Jazz and the latest changes to the range will only enhance the experience.Honda memiliki Fokus on maintaining the key customer benefits of flexibility, practicality and reliability and enhancing fuel economy, emissions, ride comfort and style.
For the biggest change is the return of the CVT transmission to the 2011 Honda Jazz range with the first European use of a different form of variable transmission. And now the CVT in the Honda Jazz has been enhanced by fitting a torque converter to the gearbox, giving increased efficiency and improved control at low speeds. The CVT-based transmission proved very popular in the previous generation of the Honda Jazz and its return was prompted by requests from loyal customers who enjoyed its smooth shifting characteristics and ease of driving. The use of a slope sensor allows the box to decide when the car should gently creep forward and when it should not, helping the driver retain maximum control.

To compliment the launch of the Jazz Hybrid model, the conventionally powered 2011 Honda Jazz
has also had some small reductions in CO2 values and improved fuel economy. The new CVT gearbox has matched the economy and emissions of the previous i-Shift 1.4-litre model, with a CO2 value below that of the manual model at just 125 g/km. The 1.2-litre engined car, now emits just 123 g/km of CO2 and uses 5.3 l/100km of petrol. The larger 1.4 engine range has emissions starting at 126 g/km with 5.5 l/100km fuel economy on a combined cycle.
For the exterior design , The grille and front lights have also been tweaked to give a fresh face to the 1.2 and 1.4 litre versions of the car. The rear lights have also been changed, incorporating a larger area of red in the lenses and further distinguishing the pure petrol cars from the Honda Jazz Hybrid. Two new colours join the Jazz range for 2011 with a lustrous Deep Sapphire Blue and Ionized Bronze which is a metallic brown colour to compliment the revised lines.
For 2011 Honda Jazz Interior, Inside th? m??t noticeable change ?? th? adoption ?f a darker dashboard material ?n a single colour, wh??h ?? combined w?th a n?w seat fabric t? enhance th? ambience ?f th? cabin. 2011 Honda Jazz Interior � Dash lighting ?? now unified ?n a single orange colour, wh??h provides a strong contrast w?th th? darker dashboard. Chrome rings now define th? air vents, instruments ?nd climate control d???l?? (wh?r? fitted). F?r th? first time ?n th? European Honda Jazz, leather seats ?r? available ?? a factory fitted option. 2011 Honda Jazz Interior.

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