Friday, April 1, 2011

Artist Envisions a New Take on the Lotus Caterham 7

Much in the same way as Morgan�s pre-Supersports models, the Lotus / Caterham 7 has remained relatively unchanged throughout its long life. A lightweight body with no fixed doors or roof, a flat windscreen, exposed front wheels and a four cylinder motor embody the Seven�s design and engineering philosophy.

Diseno-Art has drawn up a nice design study in the form of the �New 7�, a vehicle designed to expand and complement the existing range of 7-badged vehicles.

With larger proportions and more refinement than the archaic (yet still beautiful) lines of the current generation, the New 7 is designed to be uniquely tailored to each customer�s needs and offer a high level of customer service while still holding to the brand�s philosophy of lightweight, simple and fun.

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