Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carscoop�s April Fool�s Day Hoaxes

Just in case you hadn�t already figured it out, the Chrysler Group has no plans to offer the latest Dodge Charger with Alfa�s turbocharged four-pot nor will Gawker restore Jalopnik�s classic blog look.

Other automotive-related April Fool�s Day jokes found around the net include: Autoblog�s Honda Accord Crossdressed Cabriolet; Pickuptruck�s 2012 Cadillac DRW Platinum Heavy-Duty Pickup; BMW�s costly M3 Pickup Truck (the joke here is that it won�t enter production because the ute is real); and Jalopnik�s announcement that AOL�s new empress, Arianna Huffington, bought the site and merged it with Autoblog to create Autoblognik.

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