Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honda civic 2012

Honda civic 2012 

The latest images depict a car much closer to the final stages of design, without cabling and wires sticking out at odd places. Instead, it�s a sleek hatchback with fairly generous side cladding to hide the flares and character lines that no doubt run the length of the car. The overall size appears to be slightly wider and longer than the current Civic, meaning interior space should grow accordingly.
The earlier test-mule was wearing the new model�s bumpers and features an elevated hood, either to fit a new engine or test equipment. The wheelbase looks to be the same, although we can clearly see that the rear fenders are slightly wider than on the current car
 Not much else is known about the car but there are rumors that a new three-cylinder engine option will join the four-cylinder range. There�s also word that the hybrid system from the recently revealed CR-Z Hybrid will make it into the new Honda Civic.
As for the local version of the Civic, not much is known but an all-new model is expected to debut around the late 2011-early 2012 mark as we

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