Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini Cooper S John

Mini Cooper S John

 In general terms, the Mini is remarkably reliable and potential faults are easy to spot. The vast majority of cars (some 98 per cent) were sold with the �TLC� package, which covers all servicing charges for the first five years or 50,000 miles, and can be transferred to the next owner. Not only was this a great deal for new owners, it�s also good news for the secondhand market as it means that servicing has rarely been skimped or bodged.
However, that doesn�t mean you can drop your guard. There were a few recalls over the years and it�s important to ensure that any potential purchase has had the full complement of remedies. The most high-profile recall was for a �static-discharge fire risk� when refuelling (cars built before August 2001), but others include a front suspension ball-joint and lower-arm upgrade (cars up to August 2001 again), possible tyre-wall cuts (cars built in January and February 2002), and one for a handbrake fault on all pre-December 2002 Minis

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