Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Exciting New Projects and Car Malfunctions

Exciting New Projects and Car Malfunctions
Hi Ladies (and my few gentleman readers):

We finally have internet back on at home and I'll be getting back into the swing of regular blogging this week Every time we go without internet for a while, I'm amazed at how easily home internet can eat up my productivity around the house. Without home internet, unfortunately I can't be very productive when it comes to work-related writing, but I work so much harder on my other writing projects and chores! A break from constant web access every now and then lets me refocus my energy, refreshes my spirit, and make me more conscious of how I spend my time. If, like me, you struggle with wasting time online, I recommend a short home internet fast. :-)

While I took a break from blogging, the Lord placed a couple of new exciting ministry opportunities in my path, including directing a new online magazine for Christian women! At the Well: In Pursuit of Titus 2 has encouraged me a lot in my journey as a Christ-follower and I'm thrilled to be joining their team as the director of Kaleo Magazine. Our first issue will launch just before Advent in November and I'll be sure to keep you updated. Along with Kaleo I've started work on two other creative projects I can't quite talk about yet.

On a less cheerful note, our poor car, which was a wonderful answer to prayer, died a couple of days ago. Maybe "died" is too strong of a word --- it's more, like, severely wounded and in need of major surgery. I was on my way to a day-long dance and acting job about an hour from home when the transmission, which we knew needed repairing, began lurching, smoking and making high-pitched whirring noises. All alone in a strange town, at about 6:00am, I was scared out of my mind that my car would die right there on the middle of the highway. I prayed loudly that the Lord would get me to a safe place. I managed to make it just off the highway, a few yards from my destination, before it died entirely. God is great! We managed to get the vehicle towed home and some wonderful friends picked me up. We're praying that we can afford the repairs it needs, since, if we can't, we'll be car-less for a few more months at least. I'm not happy that this happened, but I'm so grateful for the Lord's protection and his provision. I'm also thankful that neither Graham nor I need a car to get to work every day. I see this as another lesson in leaning on Him rather than on my own understanding.

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