Friday, April 1, 2011

2011 honda accord crosstour

2011 honda accord crosstour
  Debuting in 2010 was the Honda Crosstour and this vehicle is now a competitor in the growing Crossover Utility Segment. The Honda Crosstour is an Accord based wagon offering targeting empty nesters and retirees that are seeking sport, practicality, utility, and style. Since all the latter is identified in the Honda Accord, by extension, such features are also identified in the Honda Crosstour wagon.The Honda Accord sports a 2.5-inch shorter body than the Honda Crosstour. The Honda Accord has a .3-inch larger ride height and .1-inch larger wheelbase. The Honda Crosstour has .4 ft.� more passenger room than the Accord as well is far more cargo space than the latter vehicle. Both vehicles have the same V-6 engine and five-speed transmission. The Honda Crosstour is sold with all-wheel drive or front-wheel-drive configurations.Consumers will find the styling of the Crosstour complex and somewhat compromised. The vehicle hosts an invasive strut towers located in the rear that diminishes the cargo capacity. It also has a sweeping roof contour that compromise is headroom. Nevertheless, the Honda Crosstour has light, tight driving dynamics

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