Friday, April 1, 2011

Honda Element 2012

Honda Element 2012
While the Honda Element may seem like just another boxcar clone, the element entered the American market well before Kia, Scion, and Nissan models. The Element has distinctive styling; it comes with a bigger body, one powertrain offering, and All-Wheel-Drive.The attributes that make the Element different from the rest include the visually-appealing interior, clamshell-cargo doors, and its well-appointed cabin. It's sold with a 2.4 L inline-four engine, and it is a bit bigger than the vehicle it replaces in this segment. The Element is an SUV alternative and is not necessarily ideal as an urban drive about. If you love the outdoors the Element may appeal to your tastes. Basic niceties include stain-resistant carpeting, upholstery that is waterproof, and add-ons like a cooler for keeping beverage chilled. You can even get the Element in a dog friendly version: the 2010 special addition that hosts a ramp, netting and stain-resistant components.Opting for the SC trim level you will discover a vehicle with superior on the road grip, a great suspension, responsive steering, large wheels, and a speedy drive

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