Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Hyundai Blue2 Fuel Cell Concept Debuts at Seoul Motor Show

The 2011 Seoul Motor Show that runs in South Korea from March 31 to April 10 plays host to the world premiere of the all-new Hyundai Blue2 concept study. The name �Blue2�, which is read �Blue square�, is a combination of Hyundai�s sub eco-brand �Blue Drive� and the number `2� from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

Codenamed HND-6, the prototype is Hyundai�s first sedan-style Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV). The four-door saloon is powered by a fuel cell electric system that delivers a stack power of 90kW or 121HP and fuel economy of 34.9km/l (of hydrogen, of course), which is equal to 82mpg US and 2.9lt/100km. The concept is also equipped with low-resistance tires and alloy wheels which are designed to improve aerodynamic performance.

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