Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Study Finds Women Comprise 38.5% of U.S. Auto Sales

Americans love their cars. Whether it�s a humble family wagon, a muscle car, a luxury sedan or even a minivan: there�s nothing Americans like better than the automobile. What�s that, you say? What about women car owners?

Unsurprisingly for a species with just two genders, half the world�s population is female. And as everyone these days has to own at least one car, automakers obviously spend a lot of money catering specifically to that section of the market.

In a new study by automotive industry analyst R. L. Polk, it was found that some 38.5% of the last four year�s light vehicle registrations were made by � you guessed it � women. In �not-white� households, it�s more like 40 to 45%. It might not seem like much,

So what are the nation�s womenfolk buying? Would you be surprised to learn that nearly half of all MINI sales (47.9%) went to the fairer sex? Okay, so that�s not too surprising, but how are top five market leaders doing? Well, scroll down to see for yourself:

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